I guess the title says it all. I have attempted several blogs over the years. I will usually start one and find myself creating content for a month or two. Eventually my interest trickles off and the blog fades into time. I want this blog to be better… more than the usual attempt. You may be asking yourself what makes this time any different than any previous effort?

My Career

I have been working in the IT field for close to a decade now. I have been particularly excited about the past 2 years. I have had the oppurtunity to work for 2 great companies: Linode and my current employer, CircleCI. My skills as a Systems Administrator have grown tremondously in a short time thanks to the amazing people who work for both these companies. They have taught me many valuable lessons, but the one that stands out is to be a part of the tech community. I couldn’t have made it without some help, so I hope to share the things I learn here with you.

A Chance to Learn

I originally set out to create my own blog from scratch. After some serious thought, I realized that it would be far more valuable for me to start with an existing blogging tool (Jekyll in case you haven’t figured it out already). This allows me to share the experience of creating my own blog from scratch with you. It will be messy and I am sure there will be many moments that make you cringe and that’s OK. I want to learn and share my struggles in hopes that it will encourage you to try and fail and try some more.

Share Things I Enjoy

Lastly, I wish to share things I enjoy with those who are interested. This can anything from video games, board games, music, art, etc…

I am really looking forward to creating content and sharing my experiences with you. I hope you will enjot it as much as I do.